6 best souvenirs to bring home from Italian vacation?

Posted by Beach Direction on 28th Jun 2022

6 best souvenirs to bring home from Italian vacation?

Souvenirs from Vacations – part 1.

Today we present you the first article from the Holiday Souvenirs series

Souvenirs from Italy

Italy is mainly associated with spaghetti, pizza, Italian loud lifestyle, Eros Ramazzotti, Romeo and Juliet, the Vatican and the Tuscan skies. In addition, it is a place where, right after Greece, a great civilization was born, culture and science developed. Many of our countrymen in the 16th and 18th centuries traveled to Rome or Padua to get a proper education. It was in a good tone, indeed. Italy also has great monuments and beautiful landscapes. Crystal clear water, bays (even of Calabria) with wide sandy beaches, picturesque rocky cliffs falling into the blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, and inland hills of the Apennine foothills with the peaks of Sila in the north and Aspromonte in the south, among which we can find small sleepy towns where life flows slowly and perfectly characterizes the Italian mood. Italy is also mountains, which are a great advantage of this country. In winter, winter sports enthusiasts come to the Alps and Dolomites. Italians are already prepared for it and care about the good quality of services. Italy also includes two enclaves - the Vatican and San Marino. Apart from numerous volcanoes, a tourist attraction are often hidden among alpine valleys glacial lakes, such as, for example, Garda, Como, Bolsena and Magiero.

Italy - The sun, delicious cuisine, monuments and indecently beautiful Italians tempt and invite you to visit one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. And although even the best trip has to end one day, it is worth taking home some wonderful Italy in the form of souvenirs.

What is worth bringing from Italy?

1. Italian pastas

Some will argue that most Italian pasta is readily available anywhere in Europe, and this is true. However, nowhere will you find such a wide selection of their shapes and flavors. Pennette, pici, fusilli, paccheri, conchiglie, orecchiette ... From long, rainbow-colored ribbons, through penne with a vegetable aftertaste, to wheat pasta in shapes you have not even dreamed of (and which may not always be placed on the table during a family dinner; )). Even ordinary pasta from the supermarket will delight many, but if you want to choose a slightly more original taste or pasta from organic stores, we especially recommend the brands: Afeltra, Voiello or Mancini. They will be more expensive than supermarkets, but still within the reach of every tourist - and their great appearance will make you regret to eat them!

2. Coffee

Staying on the subject of cooking, we sincerely recommend looking for a coffee roaster (torrefazione). You will sense it from afar, as it will spread a beautiful aroma in the vicinity. You will get the best mixes there, sold in pellets or ground on request. After all, it is known for a long time that Italians are famous for their strong espresso, so it will be the perfect gift for every coffee gourmet. From the brands widely known in Italy, we recommend Lavazza and Illy - we promise that they will taste much better than their counterparts sold in other European countries.

3. Olive oil and olives

Another simple souvenir that will delight every food enthusiast with its incomparable aroma. Every cook says that the end result of a dish depends on the quality of the ingredients used, and olive oil is one of the things you shouldn't spare. When it is of good quality, it can bring out the depth of flavor in any dish and can be used as a sauce for pasta or fresh bread itself. And Italy is the perfect place to invest in virgin olive oil, not olive pomace. One of the reasons why the olive oil is so tasty is of course the delicious local olives. The landscape of Italy is full of olive groves visible in the nearby hills. Often, on the road or on the market square of passing towns, you can meet stallholders selling pickled olives from private bushes. Delicious!

4. Cheeses and hams

Every fan of Italian pizza knows such flavors as mozzarella, parmesan or prosciutto, so no one will be surprised if we say that cheese and cold cuts are another Italian souvenir on our list. You will find them here in a unique selection! From sheep, buffalo or cow cheeses to hams that mature for up to 24 months.

If you do not know what to choose, we recommend especially gorgonzola (blue blue cheese), Parmigiano Reggiano (Parmesan), mozzarella di Bufala (made from buffalo milk as opposed to Polish products made of cow's milk), Pecorino Romano (hard salty sheep's cheese), Prosciutto di Parma (raw long-ripening pork ham), speck (similar to Parma ham but more often used in cooked dishes), Soppressata (pork salami with pieces of fat and pepper) and Mortadella (finely minced cooked sausage, often with pepper, olives or pistachios) .

5. Local handicrafts

When visiting Venice, which you can visit on your way back from Cupra Marittima, it is worth buying Murano glass or Burano lace, or a carnival mask that every recipient will enjoy. In Como, look for silk products, from Apulia you can bring olive wood works, and in Siena you can find the most beautiful crystals. As the country is wide, you will find unique Italian souvenirs in every place.

6. Italian Alcohols and Wines


And here is the first pleasant surprise - in Italy you can not only buy delicious wines, but also very cheap. It is definitely a more profitable purchase than in other countries in Europe and the choice is incomparably greater. In some stores you can find barrels with wine (also sparkling!), From which you can pour the selected amount of alcohol into your own container and enjoy its wonderful aroma right away. Of course, wines for 2-4 euros are not the most exclusive, but this does not change the fact that even the cheapest bottles are much tastier than those you can find in European stores

Due to the remarkable variety of grape varieties and types of wine, Italy has introduced a special labeling system that guarantees the origin of the wines. There are four types of such markings:

DOCG - (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita) - controlled labeling of guaranteed origin, i.e. the highest quality class

DOC - (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) - controlled designation of origin

IGT - (Indicazione Geografiche Tipici) - regional wines - only 15% of the grape varieties can come from a different region

VDT - (Vino da Tavola) - table wine for daily mass consumption

Other alcohols

Here, it is worth mentioning the Grappa, which will be especially appreciated by amateurs of stronger drinks (over 40%). Initially, it was produced from savings - grape remnants and wine marc were used to create it. Its taste and aroma is very characteristic, so it is worth trying beforehand if it suits you at all. Another famous Italian drink is Limoncello - a sweet and sour lemon liqueur with an intense yellow color. Most often served in small, chilled glasses before or after eating, as it supports digestion. Amaretto, almond liqueur, serves not only as an ingredient in drinks, but is often added to cakes and desserts (including the famous tiramisu).