7 best refreshing non-alcoholic drinks for the summer of 2022

Posted by Beach Direction on 23rd Jun 2022

7 best refreshing non-alcoholic drinks for the summer of 2022

Refreshing non-alcoholic drinks are our answer to the summer heat. We want to let the weather know that we are not afraid of high temperatures. We await them and we are prepared for them!

On hot days, remember to drink plenty of water. Do not part with the still mineral bottle. When you get home, treat yourself to a delicious moment of refreshment! Cold, fruity smoothies will keep you cool and won't get enough of them! They taste best with fresh fruit, so add fresh raspberries or watermelon to every refreshing drink recipe (non-alcoholic, of course, only such drinks at will!). This will undoubtedly improve the taste.

Non-alcoholic drinks are a great way to quench your thirst in hot weather. This is an excellent option for people who do not drink alcohol and, for example, pregnant women. Well prepared and beautifully decorated and served, they will decorate your home table during meetings with friends and acquaintances.

1. Watermelon water

Ingredients for 4 glasses:

1 kg of watermelon

1 l of mineral water

juice squeezed from 1 red grapefruit

the juice of 1 lemon

A method of preparing:

Cut the watermelon into smaller parts, remove the seeds and blend.

Add grapefruit juice, mineral water (very cold) and lemon juice to it. Pour into glasses.



80 ml of grapefruit juice

60 ml of pineapple juice

40 ml of non-alcoholic blue curacao

coconut shavings and lime slices for decoration

A method of preparing:

Mix the grapefruit, pineapple and blue curracao juice in a shaker. Dip the rims of the glass in water, then put it upside down to the coconut scattered on the plate and garnish with lime. Carefully pour the drink from the shaker into the prepared margarita glass.



40 ml of pineapple juice

30 ml of grapefruit juice

30 ml of natural yoghurt

1.5 tablespoons of brown sugar

crushed ice

A method of preparing:

Mix all ingredients in a shaker. Serve in long drink glasses. Decorate tropical soft drinks with a lemon wedge.



100 ml of tonic

30 ml of lemon juice

50 ml of non-alcoholic Blue Curacao

A method of preparing:

Pour tonic, lemon juice and Blue Curacao into the shaker. Mix everything and pour it into martini glasses. Garnish with lemon slices and kumquat. Advice: If you do not have a shaker at home, you can use a jar with a screw cap


Ingredients (for 1 drink):

half a lime, cut into quarters

a few ice cubes

6-7 fresh mint leaves

1 teaspoon of cane sugar

sprite / 7 Up

sparkling water

A method of preparing:

Put the mint and lime in the glass. Add a teaspoon of cane sugar and crushed ice up to about 2/3 cup (we use low glasses, e.g. whiskey glasses). At the end, top up with sprite mixed with sparkling water in a proportion of 2: 1.



chilled sparkling water

pomegranate fruit and juice

sprigs of rosemary

A method of preparing:

Fill 1/4 of champagne glasses with fresh pomegranate juice. Top up with water to 2/3 of the glass height. Put in a few pomegranate seeds and a stalk of rosemary.

7. Grapefruit refreshment

Ingredients for 2 glasses:

250 ml of tonic

1/2 red grapefruit

lime slices


A method of preparing:

Scald the grapefruit, cut into small pieces and squeeze out the juice with a fork. Transfer to 2 glasses. Add ice (it may be crushed), pour 125 ml of tonic into each glass. Stir and add the lime slice.

Beach Direction wishes you an epic summer 2022!