How to protect yourself from extreme heatwave across Europe?

Posted by Beach Direction on 17th Jun 2022

How to protect yourself from extreme heatwave across Europe?

When we wait for warmer and warmer days most days of the year, we feel unsatisfied. However, while we are haunted by heat, we very quickly want the aura outside the window to cool down at least a little and not only. During hot weather, our houses heat up very quickly, which is why in most cases it is difficult to rest. How to protect yourself from the heat? What can we do to survive the heat unscathed? We should also remember that we have relatives who may need our help during this difficult time for them. Don't forget to drink water, give it to your loved ones and pets.

How to protect the place of residence from heat?

The heat outside the window has been going on for several days, and in your apartment it is literally starting to feel like in a sauna? It's all great, because you don't have to pay for this type of pleasure, but you shouldn't spend most of the day in the sauna - it's unhealthy. Staying in an apartment that resembles a sauna, we lose a lot of water, we get tired faster, we are unable to concentrate, and each activity is a torment. How to make you feel good in your apartment during the heat?

Shaded windows protect against heat

This basic form of protection brings a measurable benefit. It is worth having roller blinds or shutters on the windows that can be used to cover them in hot weather, when the sun is eagerly trying to break into our rooms. By shining through the windows, it heats up the interiors of our homes even more. The blinds do not allow sunlight to penetrate. The best action is brought by external blinds, which are additionally equipped with a special foil reflecting the sun's rays. An alternative to roller shutters are shutters or awnings that are mono less often, but still. Awnings and shutters are the domain of countries where heat is the norm most days of the year.

Should you open windows in hot weather?

On hot days, it is not recommended to open the windows, because the temperature outside is usually higher than inside. By doing so, we protect our places of residence at least a little from the penetration of hot air into the rooms. In the evening, however, we can open all windows and ventilate the apartment when there are no such high temperatures outside. Thus, we are preparing for the next day with heat from heaven. Sometimes the longed-for rain comes, then we open the windows even during the day to be able to enjoy the moment of respite.

Good insulation of the house protects against heat

While windows are great lenses for the sun, walls and roofs also let in a lot of heat, especially when not insulated. While on the lower storeys the temperature is not so bad, the closer to the roof, the worse. Therefore, it is worth thinking about good insulation with mineral wool or polystyrene in both the walls and the roof. In summer, it prevents heat from getting inside, and in winter, it prevents the rooms from cooling down.

Air conditioning for houses and flats

If you can't cope with heat, and being at home or in an apartment where you should rest is a chore, put on air conditioning. You can choose portable, less effective air conditioning, as well as permanently installed air conditioning, which gives great results. Mechanical ventilation is another way to circulate air in a house or apartment. Only mechanical ventilation on hot days actually works. Gravity ventilation does not fulfill its task in hot weather, because it works on the principle of a temperature difference that is practically non-existent in summer.

Plants bring coolness

A garden with large trees and shrubs is a real relief in hot weather. If possible, spend as much time as possible in the shade, getting the best from nature. Even by placing a large flower in the balcony window, we are able to slightly reduce the intensity of the sun's rays that fall into our room. Nothing, however, enjoys as much as the shade under a huge tree in your own garden.

What can we do for ourselves in hot weather?

We can improve our living comfort, but what we can do for our body is just as important. During hot weather, you need to watch carefully, because the long-lasting high temperatures may not have a very good effect on us. Watch also children, and above all the elderly, struggling with diseases for which the heat is even deadly.

Sweating is one of the body's reactions to high temperatures

The body sweats while trying to cool down. It's natural and we shouldn't worry. However, there are sensitive places on our body where we would not like to sweat. Let's make an appointment - we sweat through the entire surface of the skin on our body. We want to avoid sweating on the hands, which are our showcase, under the armpits, because unsightly wet stains from underarm sweat do not reflect us well, and bacteria in these places multiply very quickly, causing the sweat to smell unpleasantly, and on feet that also have a problem with bacteria. We have a great solution for that! Antiperspirant in wipes is an excellent protection for sensitive places on your body - such as armpits, hands and feet. In addition to the protective layer they leave on the skin, they wash away sweat, bacteria and impurities, unlike traditional antiperspirants in a spray, stick or ball. In our store you will find 2 variants of deodorant in a handkerchief. Silver ion deodorant, antibacterial, available in many configurations, will come in handy for the summer! The silver ions contained in the moisturizing formula have an antibacterial effect. Luba wipes prevent sweating and the growth of bacteria, and their delicate scent makes use more pleasant. The second variant is deodorant wipes with a cooling effect, which really give great relief during the summer heat. Menthol contained in the moisturizing formula gives the feeling of coolness that we so need during the "fever" outside. Additionally, their fresh scent enhances the feeling of refreshment.

In hot weather, drink plenty of water

High temperatures are associated with a large amount of sweat produced by our body, which additionally dehydrates us. Under normal conditions, when the temperature is tolerable, we should drink 2 to 3 liters of fluids a day, most of which should be clean water. In hot weather, we do not reduce the amount of water you drink, on the contrary, also remember to replenish your minerals, because you lose them quickly when you drink and sweat a lot. A good way to replenish your potassium is to drink tomato juice, which has plenty of it and it is also a good thirst-quencher.

Dehydration of the body - symptoms

Contrary to appearances, it is very easy to dehydrate and most often we, as victims of body dehydration, do not realize it. Remember that the first sign of dehydration is a feeling of thirst, and at this point it is best to reach for a glass of water to satisfy it and thus not lead to dehydration. High temperatures are associated with a large loss of water, not only during visits to the toilet, but above all through the pores in the skin, which release sweat. What are the symptoms of dehydration? A headache that bothers us is a symptom of the fact that we drink too little water, our cells naturally shrink, which causes significant pain in the head area. We are also irritated, if only because of the minerals responsible for the nerve connections in the muscles that are depleting in our body. Are you suffering from lack of concentration? Reach for a glass of water, drink about 3 liters a day and do your job efficiently and be smart! Dry eyes are not always a symptom of an illness, but are most often drinking too little fluids. Is your skin itchy? Is it the result of using inappropriate cosmetics? Not necessarily. Chapped and itchy skin can be the result of insufficient hydration of the top layer of skin, which is simply the hardest.

Don't overeat

When it is hot outside, we very often do not feel like eating ourselves, especially hot dinner, which means increasing the temperature in our kitchen and the whole apartment. The golden rule is: do not overeat. Instead of preparing food at home, you can order take-out or go out to a restaurant. It is a great idea to eat refreshing salads made of fresh vegetables in hot weather, which digest quickly and give a feeling of lightness. Avoid fatty meals that will also weigh on your stomach, lowering your body's turnover, already in the lowlands. Staying in the thread of food - nothing chills you like ice cream in summer. In summer, we could actually switch to an ice cream diet. Then they give us great pleasure. Choose your favorite flavor and eat as much as you like.

Large temperature differences are detrimental to the body

In the summer, we can get infections of the upper respiratory tract very quickly. Getting sick in the summer is not a very pleasant thing, so in order to cool down with the aforementioned ice cream, swimming in a swimming pool, or even air-conditioning the room, we should do it gradually and slowly. You cannot drink very cold drinks when the outside temperature is high, because the temperature difference here has a large gap. It is a blow to our body. It is better to drink drinks whose temperature is close to the room temperature to avoid unnecessary unpleasantness later. The same ice cream - better to eat the slightly defrosted ice cream than to fight the strep throat later. When swimming in a pool, sea, lake or river with very cold water, you also need to be careful and enter the water gradually, because in addition to infection, we can also cause thermal shock to the body in extreme cases. Take care of yourself and make only the right choices - whenever possible.

During hot weather, also take care of your loved ones

How to take care of yourself in hot weather - you already know, but do not forget that you have relatives around you who may need your help. Elderly people, children and pets very often do not know or cannot help each other in hot weather. The elderly, who are often ill, need help, despite their knowledge of life. Children lose water very quickly from the body, and the youngest ones do not have adequate thermoregulation because their skin is not yet mature enough. The animals depend only on their owners. Don't forget your pet's water bottle when you go out for a summer walk with your dog, as he needs a drink too. At home, they should also have free access to fresh water so that they can drink whenever they want.

We wish you an epic summer 2022!

Photo by Ciprian Boiciuc on Unsplash