Souvenirs from Greece: 4 things that are worth buying

Posted by Beach Direction on 30th Jun 2022

Souvenirs from Greece: 4 things that are worth buying

When we are in Greece, the climate and lazy atmosphere affect us immediately. Siesta becomes a habit, we become lethargic, to put it mildly, even if we have come for a week's vacation. Souvenirs from Greece - what is worth bringing?

Greek coffee

Coffee straight from Greece is something I never leave without. In supermarkets, they often sell it complete with a small crucible (Greek "brika") in which to cook a small black.

To prepare truly Greek coffee, we also need to equip ourselves with making devices. Fortunately, they are not that expensive. We will need brika to prepare brewed coffee (Loumidis). On the other hand, if you want to bring iced coffee, the choice of which is huge in Greece, it is worth getting a frappediser, something without which the Greek home does not exist. It is a device that tamps foam. It is not expensive, it costs from 3 euros, and thanks to it we will be able to feel a bit of Greece.

Greek alcohol

If you are considering bringing original alcohol from Greece, the choice is very wide. The most famous are Ouzo (Anise Vodka), Tsipouro (Grape Remnant Vodka) or when it comes to wines - retsina (wine with a pine resin flavor) but a real connoisseur will find much more.

Olive tree products

Greece is famous for its olive wood products. After all, it was Athena years ago that gave the Greeks this wonderful and versatile tree, winning the fight against Poseidon, who should become the patron of the capital ... So what can we buy? Quite a lot. Starting with delicious Greek olive oil, olives, wonderful natural soap, available at any souvenir shop (very cheap around € 1) or kitchen utensils made of olive wood - bowls, spoons, cutting boards etc.

Greek Cheeses

It is worth bringing from Greece various types of feta cheese, graviera, haloumi,

Feta cheese is a white table cheese exclusively from Greece, made only from sheep's milk, sometimes with a small (max. 30%) addition of goat's milk, which gives the cheese a slightly creamy texture. Its hallmark and the only preservative is the brine in which the product is stored. The original Feta is characterized by unusual tenderness and creaminess, as well as a salty taste with a hint of spice. It is forbidden to use dyes and other fillers in its production, and the period of maturation in brine is at least 3 months. The composition must not include anything but sheep's milk, or goat's milk, rennet and salt.

Graviera cheese

Graviera cheese is a Greek hard cheese with a unique flavor that comes from Crete. It is produced in a traditional way from sheep and goat milk. Long maturation time allows to obtain a unique aroma. Its taste is the perfect combination of sweet and salty.

Halloumi cheese

Halloumi cheese originally comes from Cyprus. It is a white, semi-hard cheese made of unpasteurized sheep's milk, a mixture of sheep and goats, possibly with the addition of cow's milk. The halloumi flavor is sometimes enriched with the addition of mint. The recipe for its production has not changed for centuries. A characteristic feature is a fairly flexible consistency and high melting point, which makes this cheese excellent for grilling or frying. It is quite salty, as 3% of its weight is made of salt, so if you intend to use halloumi in a dish, you should not add salt to it.

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Photo by Claudia Aguilar on Unsplash